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Bamboo and Cane- How one is different from the other

Bamboo and cane are two species of grass that are used in day to day life for a myriad of purposes. At first glance, it may be extremely difficult to tell these two apart. Which is why discerning the difference between bamboo and cane in depth is necessary when it comes to discerning one from the other.

What is Cane?

What is usually referred to as cane belongs to the family of Poaceae and can be either of the two genera of perennial grasses with tall, flexible, woody stalks. Cane largely grows in largely riparian stands known as canebrakes and can be found in abundance in Southern and Far Western United States. Cane is also a commonly used name for a climbing or trailing plant in the palm family, primarily of the genus Calamus out of which rattan furniture is produced.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo can be defined as a tribe of flowering perennial evergreen plants belonging to the subfamilyBambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae of the grass family of Poaceae of which the largest members are the giant bamboos. Known as some of the fastest growing plants in the world, bamboos are very much culturally and economically significant in Asia where it is used as a food source, building material as well as a versatile raw product out of which many products can be manufactured.

Difference between Bamboo and Cane

Both bamboo and cane belong to the grass family of Poaceae because of which their appearance seems quite similar. However, there are several distinct characteristics to both these species that can be used to set them apart.
• Bamboo belongs to the subfamily Bambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae of the grass family of Poaceae. Cane can be either of the two genera of perennial grasses of the family Poaceae.
• In general use, the word cane is also used for rattan a climbing or trailing plant in the palm family, primarily of the genus Calamus.
• Cane is a flexible material that is often used for a myriad of purposes such as the making of walking sticks, crutches as well as for weaving into baskets, boats, etc. bamboo is more brittle than cane and can only be used as flooring and roofing material. Bamboo cannot be weaved.

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