Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Decorating Your Living Room with Cane Furniture

Cane furniture is used, both indoors and outdoors, all over the world. It is particularly used as conservatory furniture in places of learning and in green houses, patios and on beaches. The furniture can be painted in different, attractive colors or varnished to give it the natural look. Cane is an ideal material for making baskets, mats, wall hangings and a wide variety of furniture items. It is light in weight, flexible enough to bend and shape according to the needs of the design and, at the same time, it is strong and cost effective.

Cane plantations can be found in many parts of the world. The availability and price of cane is, therefore, never an issue. It is not a kind of material in itself, but an overall classification of furniture made out of various materials, including rattan, willow, bamboo and reed, apart from cane. When we talk of cane furniture, we mean furniture made out of cane, which is bent and shaped by the craftsman to make it attractive, comfortable and practical.

Cane Wicker Furniture Set, Antique Lamp, and Wooden Floors for Cozy Living Room Design

Amazing Living Room Decoration with Cane Chairs, Rug, Glass Coffee Table, Hardwood Floors, and Plants in Vase

Beautiful Living Room Interior Design with Cane Furniture Set, Plant, and Amazing Flooring

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fancy products made of bamboo

Bamboo is one that material which is not only widely used in Assam these days, but across the world as the things made from bamboo are loved and preferred worldwide irrespective of the differences in the economical classes. This is because it is one that raw material the things made of which is not so costly. As a great variety of showpieces can be carved out from bamboo and used for decorating the household, nobody says no to this eco-friendly product.

If some of the fancy items made of bamboo are to be named then it is the bamboo made fans that are quite popular among people and are available in a great variety of colourful designs. It is not only in the rural households of Assam, but in other urban towns of the country and in other Asian countries that hand-held bamboo fans are quite popular and people find it pretty easy and convenient to carry to anywhere and escape from the wrath of hot summer days. There are folding bamboo fans as well that are being adorned with beautiful fabrics and embroidered works too are done on these to make these look good. The folding fans are easier to carry and take less space in the bag. 

Some other fancy items made of bamboo by expert hands include bamboo boxes in small and big sizes, chairs, sofa sets, teapots, baskets, hand bags, etc. Some people, who keeps a hobby of collecting bamboo goods in their homes, even uses bamboo made dining table and side tables as well which looks pretty elegant and throws an ethnic vibration.

There are other decorative items like bamboo toys, models of ships and boats, wall hangings, etc., many such things that can be made from bamboo and given many colours to suit the decoration of the place and the theme. 

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Bamboo baskets and its wide usage

Home decoration good are available in a variety of materials, there is no doubt about that, but the aura and the charm added to the atmosphere with the use of the bamboo made goods is simply different and ethnic. The good grace of the traditional Indian houses can be added just at very ease and very perfectly by choosing to adorn the house with bamboo made showpieces and other furniture.   

There are great varieties in the things to decorate made of bamboo and these can be bought at selected places made by expert hands for years. Among the wide varieties of bamboo made goods, the bamboo baskets are one of the worth naming products. Right from storing food grains in the kitchen, in the store room to decorating these in the living room, the bamboo baskets are found in a number of designs and sizes. With the advancement in the designs and processes of making bamboo baskets, such baskets are also found these days that are easy to be carried while travelling to places. Also, for the great decorative work done on the basket with the use of multicoloured threads, clothes and paints, these use to look exceptional and pretty appealing. 

The bamboo baskets have been used in the Assamese households since time immemorial and are widely used for storing and carrying goods. There was and still in some parts of Assam, a tradition of gifting the newlywed daughter with bamboo baskets for her use in the house of her in-laws.

Other than keeping things of household use, the bamboo baskets are good for keeping clothes as well, because these uses to be quite well ventilating storing options and the contents in the basket too remains in good state for long.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Uses for Bamboo in Sustainable Building

When you’re considering potential building materials for home construction as a society we tend to focus on two or three commonly utilized and widely accepted building materials: wood, stone or concrete. What you may not realize is that bamboo solutions can be used for much more than just food, musical instruments, medicine, paper and textiles. Uses for bamboo can also include building construction, both in exterior and interior design elements.

Widely used in Asian, Pacific Islander and Central and Southern American cultures, bamboo is a sustainable and sturdy building material. Unlike wood, bamboo (a member of the grass family) regenerates very quickly. It is, in-fact, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, with the fastest growth rate reaching 100cm in a 24-hr period.

There are also a number of other benefits to choosing bamboo solutions over wood including:

Strength and Durability: Bamboo is heartier than oak and stronger than steel. It is flexible and lightweight, and is water-resistant, minimizing the risk for warping and

Affordability: It is easily grown and harvested, making it one of the most cost effective construction materials available.

A minor setback to implementing the use of bamboo in construction projects arises due to the locations where bamboo flourishes the heartiest. Bamboo thrives in the tropical regions of the world, which can raise prices due to importing costs.  Although farmers are capable of growing bamboo in nearly every climate, creating and maintaining a viable bamboo source requires copying an environment that will allow this sustainable building source to grow and thrive year-round. 

As Popular Mechanics writer, Harry Sawyers explains:
“Bamboo has come into vogue as a green, sustainable resource that’s used for everything from cutting boards to clothing to wood floors. But until now, almost all of the bamboo in products sold here has come from overseas. That could change soon, as new planting techniques may lead to millions of new acres of bamboo shoots in the American South.” Some wonder if a plant like bamboo can revitalize farmland on the Mississippi Delta.”

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Bamboo is actually a tropical grass, with an extensive root system that sends out an average of four to six new shoots per year, naturally replenishing itself and growing to heights of 50 feet or more. Some bamboo species grow up to 4 feet per day and can be harvested every 3 to 4 years. As a result, bamboo is one of nature's most sustainable resources since it is naturally regenerative.

Bamboo is a plentiful, renewable natural product with many remarkable characteristics, such as:

• Softness - Softer than the softest cotton, Bamboo fabric has a natural sheen to the surface and feels similar to silk or cashmere.

• Comfortable - Bamboo fabric absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky, in hot weather. The fabrics stay 2-3 degrees cooler in hot temperatures and warmer in cold temperatures. Bamboo apparel is thermal regulating, anti-fungal, anti-static and will keep you cooler, drier, warmer and odor free.

• Appearance - Bamboo looks like expensive Pima or Egyptian cotton and drapes like silk. It has less shrinkage than cotton and does not pill. It has been described as feeling like pure cashmere.

• Protective and Hygienic - Unlike other anti-microbial fabrics, which require a chemical treatment, organic Bamboo fiber clothing is naturally anti-microbial requiring no added harmful chemicals. It contains an agent, "bamboo kun", that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it.

• UV Protection - Bamboo fiber fabrics have natural UV protection. There have been tests where companies have sent out 100% bamboo clothing to research laboratories for UV protection testing. The UPF label rate is 15. The fabric scored 18.3 on the UPF scale with 94.15% UVA block and 93.17% UVB block.

* The UPF system was created especially for sun protective fabrics. UPF measurements of fabrics are generally tested by spectrophotometer equipment and are not tested using human subjects. The UPF rate indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is absorbed by the fabric. The advantage of the UPF standard is that both UVB and UVA are measured.

• Natural and Chemical-Free – Bamboo is grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable.

The many uses and benefits of bamboo continue to increase as individuals turn to organic, eco-friendly products. One area seeing tremendous growth is bamboo baby clothing. Parents are realizing the benefits of organic products to both their baby’s health and to the environment, and bamboo baby clothes are an ideal fit.

Bamboo is perfect next to babies delicate skin because it is naturally hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial, preventing odor, allergies and skin irritations. In addition, it is thermal regulating, which is important since babies have a hard time regulating body temperature when first born. With all the positive benefits to your baby and the environment, why wouldn’t a parent be excited about this great new product line?

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Using terracotta in households

Terracotta is a common name these days when it comes to decorating the home in the very traditional and catching manner. It is basically a kind of "baked earth" and being given various beautiful shapes to be used for the purpose of decoration. There is something pure and beautiful about the terracotta things as these are made of roasted clay and are quite largely preferred and admired by the art lovers.

It is basically as flower pots for breeding fresh flower plants, flower vase for decorating plucked flowers or the plastic flowers, showpieces to be placed in the corners of the home and other lightweight objects like wind chimes, hanging idols, and in many other ways; the terracotta is used in the households. It purely acts as a decorative piece and adds a unique charm to the entire look of the house.   

There are a great variety of options for an art lover to give a new look to the terracotta pots and these make-overs can be done by one on his own right at home. The garden in your front yard, at the patio, or on your terrace can be given a new and colourful look with these of colourful terracotta pots and also, you will not have to make a big hole in your pocket for buying these. However, the plain clay terracotta pots too can be bought and coloured at home to give it a new look and add variety of colours to the whole atmosphere of your home.  

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Bamboo Products and its benefits

Bamboo is one of the most versatile resources available, offering a high-quality alternative to many materials that have traditionally been more familiar to consumers. It is also a resource that is poised to do tremendous good for the world in an era of severe ecological degradation and escalating threats from global warming, wherein more and more consumers are developing a deeply-rooted environmental conscience and bringing it to bear on their buying decisions. Bamboo represents the best that a green lifestyle has to offer: its products bringing beauty and luxury into a person’s life along with confidence that he or she is supporting the resources and industry that will help to build a more sustainable, greener world that will persist long into the future.

Bamboo has a rich history in Asia, where it has been used for centuries as a major building material, as well as being used in the construction of furniture and other items. In China, the very first papers were made out of bamboo pulp, and similar processes still make a thick grade of paper today, for traditional uses or for arts and crafts. Bamboo has a long history of culinary and medicinal applications. Its shoots are a low-calorie food that is rich in sugars and various essential minerals, and they can be cooked or eaten raw. Other elements of the plant are utilized in the ancient Indian medicinal practice, Aryuveda. Modern techniques have allowed manufacturers to derive viscose from bamboo in order to create clothing with softness comparable to cashmere. The resource as a whole is gaining increasing popularity in the West, though its versatility and quality remains underappreciated, and there is still room for much greater demand to promote its growth and harvest in new markets.

With over 1,400 different species, bamboo grows naturally throughout the world, both in tropical and temperate climates. There are three identified species that are indigenous to North America, and though the plant as a whole is far more common in Asia, there are identified regions in the United States and elsewhere that could accommodate large-scale bamboo forestry. Many species are hardy enough to grow in cold weather, so there are very few limitations on where the crop can be established. Bamboo propagates quickly because of its rhizome root system, but it is an ideal agroforestry crop, capable of occupying the same land that is devoted to other crops that do not grow in such dense arrangement.

Comparing to a stand of trees the same size as one of bamboo, the bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere. A necessary aspect of any effort at curtailing global warming is to encourage the preservation of every aspect of the natural environment that constitutes a natural defense against escalating quantities of carbon dioxide, and bamboo is the best example of this. 

With bamboo, the consumer secures the dual benefit of buying an excellent product and supporting a stable ecosystem.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Terracotta Pottery for Garden Decor

There are many ways to spruce up the look and decor of the garden. Garden planters, pots and outdoor potteries precisely do that job and meet the requirement for garden decor very well and very fast. Terracotta Pottery is an affordable garden pot that will enhance your home and garden. Terracotta Pottery comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Garden Planters in terracotta age over time, almost aging in a terracotta patina. One can spruce up any areas of garden by placing Terracotta potteries to suit the particular situation for decor. People can also change and improve the look of garden and improve garden decor by rearranging the terracotta potteries and combination of different plants being cultivated in the Terracotta potteries surely make the garden green and live. Terracotta potteries are the perfect way to boost up the garden decor in any outdoor garden or courtyard.

Terracotta potteries and combination of different plants being cultivated in the Terracotta potteries surely make the garden green and live. Terracotta potteries are the perfect way to boost up the garden decor in any outdoor garden or courtyard. One can surely use the creativity and innovative approach in placing and selecting the terracotta garden potteries to improve the garden decor with the outdoor potteries. Despite knowing the elegance and style of Terracotta potteries, one of the biggest questions in the mind of garden lovers and gardeners is where to get the terracotta pottery? Finding Garden stores make the job of these people easy by making such quality Terracotta potteries available for sale online. Terracotta Pottery is an affordable garden pot that will enhances garden decor. Terracotta Pottery comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Garden Planters in Terracotta age over time, almost aging in a terracotta patina.

Basically, terracotta pottery is an affordable garden pot that enhances the beauty of home and garden. These earthen terracotta pots are always in style and provide round the year decor to garden, outdoor and patio area. Terracotta pottery from certain garden stores comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Such garden stores present different size, weight, some of the for garden decor. For example, vine planer in black clay size large, has a scrolling botanical pattern and is a beautiful addition to any garden. This unique piece of Terra Cotta Pottery has a rich, flattering hue. Similarly, the dimensions and quality pictures of terracotta potteries to help people select right design of Terracotta potteries. With a variety of options terracotta potteries, it's easy to choose something that works perfectly for unique needs of people n garden unique pattern of the Ridge Bowl terracotta pottery in size medium will add dimension and character to the garden. The warm, fiery hue of this one-of-a-kind piece of Terra Cotta Pottery creates an inviting ambiance.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Home decoration with bamboo products

Bamboo made products adds a charm to your home and for giving your home more of a traditional look in this ultramodern age, what else can be as best for you to choose as the bamboo products! Here are some ideas for you to use while adding the traditional look to your home:

The best thing about bamboo products is that these are stylish and trendy, yet inexpensive. Bamboo makes a home attractive, elegant, trendy and stylish. You can get bamboo plants, furniture and accessories for your home to go eco-friendly and at the same time budget-friendly too.

For Indoor Decorating with Bamboo, opt for stylish bamboo designer furniture that can be used easily and comfortably in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. You can get a set of sofa made of bamboo; decorate your home with bamboo ceiling and bamboo flooring, bamboo lampshades, bamboo framing for wall-hanging pictures, bamboo dining set, bamboo birdhouse, bamboo windchimes or even a bamboo fountain which will take the entire look of your home to a different level of magnificence. 

However, while buying the bamboo products, you should always notice that the bamboo pieces intended for the outdoors should be finished with lacquer or varnish before being placed outside. Planting live bamboo plants inside your living room or in the patio will add a touch of greenery along with freshness to your home.

Try these tips out to find a beautiful traditional home of yours.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What Outdoor Furniture Suits Your Home and Lifestyle? Cane or wood?

by Jayde Ferguson
Dressing up your home with new furniture decorations can be exciting. Whether it’s your first home, or a refresh of the rental property you live in, the freedom to implement your own personal style according to your tastes and lifestyle is both a liberating and challenging experience. Most of us simply pick furniture based on what looks and feels good, but what really suits your home and lifestyle? We check out two types of furniture and uncover the differences between them and how you can do more than just improve your home’s outdoor décor.
Understanding the Difference between Cane and Solid Wood Furniture 
Cane furniture, like other wooden varieties, grows with you over time to become part of you and your family’s treasured possessions. Given its flexible nature, good quality cane furniture can last anywhere between 30 to 40 years so it can be easily regarded as a rewarding investment.
Solid hardwoods such as redwood, oak or pine are also extremely durable materials for furniture. Built with quality and craftsmanship in mind, the difference between solid wood and cane lie predominately in the way it is made. Cane is used to describe furniture made of wicker – a woven fibre formed into a rigid material. Because it’s light yet super sturdy, it has become a popular option for baskets and furniture that’s used more often, like outdoor dining furniture.
When it comes to outdoor living, there is something about cane furniture that is warm and inviting. Also known as rattan or wicker furniture, cane is made from the stems of the rattan plant which offers a tensile and long-lasting material ideal for furniture both indoors and outside your home.
Consider only good quality cane because if the work is virtuous, you’re looking at a decade or two with limited to no maintenance.  Those who like the look of bamboo furniture tend to choose cane, with its “island home” type appearance and cost-effectiveness; it’s a fun way to decorate your home to make it your own outdoor paradise.
Because of the flexible material it’s made from, cane can be shaped and designed into different types of furniture which leaves a lot of room for creativity, especially for those hard-to-buy for spots in your garden.  Although it can suit any home type, cane is particularly popular for outdoor living as it has an immense ability to resist any climate change and is water resistant and rust proof.
Whilst it is a low-maintenance option and doesn’t require frequent polishing, it’s advised an initial coat of wax is put on before it rains as it can be prone to fungus. If you have children that tend to play with the furniture, consider a natural coat of varnish every couple of years to keep its freshness. For those with pets prone to chewing, it’s also possible to re-cane your furniture every few years instead of throwing it out.
For those prone to diabetes, cane furniture can actually be a healthy choice because it cools down the body. No doubt you have heard about the cane cradles in the older days? Cane cradles are something families handed down from generation to generation for its good health aspects, also making it a great alternative for elderly people or anyone that suffers from bad posture and frequent back pain.
Choosing Solid Wood Furniture for Your Home 
Solid wood brings a stylish look when decorating your deck or patio area and is strong enough to easily satisfy all furniture applications, for both the inside and outside of your home. Although it is the more expensive option, you are paying for a lifetime of comfort and a characteristic appearance that never seems to get old.
Whilst it can be easy to opt for the decision of cheaper flat-packed furniture, these woods are simply manufactured products such as chipboard or MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). Engineered ‘woods’ like these are made from lower quality woods and whilst are the perfect short-term solution for a large space crying out for furniture, they don’t have the same build quality as real solid wood furniture.
Real solid wood is a term of art, and buying solid wood furniture for your home can include endless benefits, especially for outdoor patio use. Solid woods like redwood or oak offer a beautiful, elegant and timeless appearance that can complement any existing décor.  Because of its sturdiness, solid woods are highly resilient against harsh weather conditions and varieties like cedar and redwood have natural chemicals that effectively resist wear and tear of daily use. As your furniture ages, the colour and movement changes in solid hardwoods add to its charm.
As tough as solid wood furniture can be though, the maintenance levels are higher than most other outdoor furniture types. If the wood is not taken care of, flaking and cracking can appear. To keep your furniture looking good and long lasting, stain removing, cleaning and varnishing will need to be done periodically.  From a green-minded perspective, it’s also important to remember some hardwoods are endangered species. Redwoods for example, are some of the most ancient trees and whilst it may look like award-winning furniture, from the conservation aspect this type of wood is best left on the tree. For environmental concerns, consider other options like pine, teak or timber.
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