Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mizoram can be the Bamboo state of India

Mizoram is the land of a number of craftsmen and skilled artisans excelling in various crafts. Bamboo and Cane related crafts are a major source of income to the state as well as the people. The Mizo’s dexterity in wicker-work and basketry is well known. Bamboo and Cane have their multifarious uses in turning out various commercial crafts and items of furniture. Even their houses are generally built with bamboo walls and floors and thatched roofs. While women excel at weaving, men are expert at cane and bamboo work. They make fine cane hats and uncommonly beautiful baskets. The traditional Mizo hat is known for its workmanship. It looks as if the hat is woven out of fine bamboo as fine as cotton yarn. Besides their typical hat or caps, domestic baskets are all made from plaited bamboo and these are reinforced by stout cane, which is very hard and durable. By smoking, the cane would be coloured a shiny mahogany to give some colour and patterns to the work.

Bamboo forests cover a large extent of area in Mizoram. Around 57% of the geographical area of Mizoram is under Bamboo cover found at heights ranging from 400m – 1500m above mean sea level. The State possesses the maximum percentage of  its geographical area under bamboo  forests  as  compared  to  other  States  of   the  country. Bamboo forests are most abundant in the five northern districts but are  rare  in  the  eastern  and  south  eastern  parts  of   the  State, particularly in Champhai, due to high altitude. Most of the bamboo species occurring in the State are found between 400m to 1,500m altitude  and  their  distribution  is  somewhat  restricted  to  above 1,550m.

DONER Minister Jitendra Singh said that Mizoram can become the Bamboo state of India and the Government has already initiated an effort to activate a Bamboo Development Board.

Noting that there was need for each North Eastern state to develop an individual identity, Singh said: “State of Mizoram has a very bright opportunity to develop itself and earn the distinction of being a ‘Bamboo State’ of the Indian Union.”

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