Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fancy products made of bamboo

Bamboo is one that material which is not only widely used in Assam these days, but across the world as the things made from bamboo are loved and preferred worldwide irrespective of the differences in the economical classes. This is because it is one that raw material the things made of which is not so costly. As a great variety of showpieces can be carved out from bamboo and used for decorating the household, nobody says no to this eco-friendly product.

If some of the fancy items made of bamboo are to be named then it is the bamboo made fans that are quite popular among people and are available in a great variety of colourful designs. It is not only in the rural households of Assam, but in other urban towns of the country and in other Asian countries that hand-held bamboo fans are quite popular and people find it pretty easy and convenient to carry to anywhere and escape from the wrath of hot summer days. There are folding bamboo fans as well that are being adorned with beautiful fabrics and embroidered works too are done on these to make these look good. The folding fans are easier to carry and take less space in the bag. 

Some other fancy items made of bamboo by expert hands include bamboo boxes in small and big sizes, chairs, sofa sets, teapots, baskets, hand bags, etc. Some people, who keeps a hobby of collecting bamboo goods in their homes, even uses bamboo made dining table and side tables as well which looks pretty elegant and throws an ethnic vibration.

There are other decorative items like bamboo toys, models of ships and boats, wall hangings, etc., many such things that can be made from bamboo and given many colours to suit the decoration of the place and the theme. 

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