Friday, 17 July 2015

Bamboo baskets and its wide usage

Home decoration good are available in a variety of materials, there is no doubt about that, but the aura and the charm added to the atmosphere with the use of the bamboo made goods is simply different and ethnic. The good grace of the traditional Indian houses can be added just at very ease and very perfectly by choosing to adorn the house with bamboo made showpieces and other furniture.   

There are great varieties in the things to decorate made of bamboo and these can be bought at selected places made by expert hands for years. Among the wide varieties of bamboo made goods, the bamboo baskets are one of the worth naming products. Right from storing food grains in the kitchen, in the store room to decorating these in the living room, the bamboo baskets are found in a number of designs and sizes. With the advancement in the designs and processes of making bamboo baskets, such baskets are also found these days that are easy to be carried while travelling to places. Also, for the great decorative work done on the basket with the use of multicoloured threads, clothes and paints, these use to look exceptional and pretty appealing. 

The bamboo baskets have been used in the Assamese households since time immemorial and are widely used for storing and carrying goods. There was and still in some parts of Assam, a tradition of gifting the newlywed daughter with bamboo baskets for her use in the house of her in-laws.

Other than keeping things of household use, the bamboo baskets are good for keeping clothes as well, because these uses to be quite well ventilating storing options and the contents in the basket too remains in good state for long.

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